Selling Your Home in a Sellers Market

Charleston SC Real EstateYou might think that is should be easy to sell your home in a seller’s market, there are only a few houses for sale in your region with an abundance of potential buyers. Why would possibly need a real estate agent? The reason you need a professional realtor working on your behalf are numerous, so Premier One, a houses for sale Charleston SC listing site, will discuss them in detail so you see why it is so important you have one so the sale goes smoothly.

Like we said earlier, in a seller’s market you have only a few houses for sale with a huge number of buyers looking to get in the door. The first reason that you want a realtor is because they will make sure any potential buyer goes through a process that ensures they are qualified. The last thing you want to do is start going down the road with a potential buyer and then find out months later they didn’t have the funds or credit and the deal falls through. Now there might be more competition on the market and you lost your chance to get full price.

During the process of listing your home, there are going to be a ton of inquiries on the house, and you might get a dozen buyers a day wanting to look inside. Your realtor can control the ship from here and schedule appointments in a way that maximizes their expertise while not encroaching on your life. The realtor will set up appointments during the day in lots so that you aren’t going out every hour so your house can be shown. If you want to go out Saturday, the realtor can line up a dozen appointments while you are gone for the day.

In a seller’s market, everything seems to be moving at the speed of light. There could be a full price offer on the table tomorrow or a bidding war this weekend. If the house sells fast, you can focus on packing and moving while the lawyer takes care of the inspection, the walk-through, the contract signing, and the closing. Your realtor will simply tell you when and where you need to be at different times so you can focus on what needs your attention and so your life is not disrupted.

The services a realtor provides in this market are invaluable. If you have ever tried to sell a house without a realtor you already know what a blessing it is to have them in your corner now.